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Jeff Gordon wants you to know!
Jeff Gordon’s personality may seem like a public possession with all the TV, radio and print exposure during his winning career but according to Gordon, fans don’t get to know the real Jeff. He has a great appreciation for fans and they may not be fully aware of that either. Gordon requested that media try to help fans know more about his appreciation of them. This report is a part of that attempt.

You get asked a gazillion questions throughout the season. What would you want fans to know most about you and your approach to this season?

"I think it's just how much we appreciate their efforts to come out to the races to support our series and our sponsors,” Gordon said. “We have the most loyal and avid fans that there are out there and I think that a lot of times as a sport grows and there's larger number of fans, it's hard to show how much you truly do appreciate them in a one-on-one situation. I try to get out there and do all I can to show that to them, but it's never enough. If you could tell them I’d appreciate it."

Much of the job of the Sprint Cup Girl, Monica Palumbo, besides attending Victory Lane festivities and other public ceremonies in the Sprint Cup Series is to converse and entertain fans. Palumbo talks about what she has learned from fans:

“It’s been a great experience because I get to hang out with them for hours,” Palumbo said. “We just talk about racing. They want to hear about my experience. What it’s like to be inside the garage and on pit road and how the drivers are like. We’re basically on the inside for the fans to relate our experiences at the track. I’ve talked to so many race fans and learned so many stories and how long they have been fans. Hopefully I’m able to give them some sort of insight to the racers.”

Gordon commented on his off track life. You’ve said you can’t always let your personality be known. What would you want fans to know that they can’t see on TV? “You’d have to experience what my life is like on a day-to-day basis when I’m waking up with my daughter,” Gordon said. “I spent two days in Disney World hanging out. You’re flying and traveling all over the place. You’re on your Blackberry constantly trying to make decisions on business and personal things. I’m probably saying all the things that everybody does in their personal lives, but a lot of times we are on TV and being interviewed and we have priorities. We’re there to do our jobs. We’re there to help our sponsors, the fans. We certainly recognize them. You know, this is a business. This is our job. When I’m not here at work, I’m a pretty regular, down-to-earth, normal person who enjoys spending time with my family and friends.”
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