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NHRA triggers decisions, decisions (Part 2)
    JEGS.com - Troy Coughlin and Jeg Coughlin Sr.      Joe Gibbs Racing - J.D.Gibbs

In the first part of this decision-making quest NHRA President Tom Compton NASCAR pointed out the importance of making decisions. For the second part of the decision series NMCA champion Troy Coughlin, NASCAR Vice-President of Competition Robin Pemberton and NASCAR team owner J.D. Gibbs added their thoughts about the often tough process.

Tom Compton [NHRA President]

Your job is about making important decisions. Does the decision-making process every get easier?
“Making a decision is a serious thing. We make decisions all of the stake-holders in this sport from our teams, for our tracks, for our sponsor and for our fans. We take that very seriously. We try to collect as much input as we can to make sure we can make things work for all of the people who have an investment in our sport. And so I don’t l know that it gets any easier. Each decision is different. There are a different set of factors to weigh. A lot of them are pretty complex. I’d say no. We try to take each one as it comes and try to evaluate to make sure our decision is going to work for as many people as possible over the long run.”

Troy Coughlin [JEGS.com, NMCA champion]

About making important decisions, does the decision-making process every get easier?
“I think when you surround yourself with good people, I think it makes it easier to make decisions, because the brain trust that you surround yourself with. You try to surround yourself with the best people, and that makes it easier to make decisions and move forward.”

Robin Pemberton [NASCAR Vice President of Competition]

Does the decision making process get easier as the decisions made accumulate?
“It could if we run across the same set of circumstances week in and week out, but as racing goes we always have different situations that arise. We have the same group that we get together in terms of penalties. I’m sure that’s where you’re headed with the question. It doesn’t get any easier. The last thing in the world we want to do is penalize anybody. It happens occasionally. For the most part we are lucky we have the competitors we do. They stay in line more times than not. It doesn’t ruin many Mondays and Tuesdays.”

Do you have a comment about other forms of racing like NHRA?
“Everybody’s got a little something different, a different twist, whether it’s open-wheel, stock cars, trucks or drag racing. We’re fans of other racing and they are fans of ours. There’s a lot of cross-over between us and them. Don Prudhomme is good friends with us and back in the days when I worked with Rusty Wallace. We’ve always supported each other, on and off the racetracks. To each his own. Not everybody is the same. Not everybody runs their business the same. But we enjoy them as much as they enjoy us.”

Joe Gibbs racing started in NHRA and moved into NASCAR.

J.D. Gibbs [Owner, Joe Gibbs Racing]

Does your decision making process get easier?
“You know. It doesn’t. Everything, whether it’s dealing with personnel, with parts and pieces, the budget, it’s all difficult. You’d think after a while it would get easier, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it. It doesn’t.

“Each decision you make involves a person, a partner, a sponsor, working with NASCAR, they’re all big deals. It doesn’t get easier like you think it would. It might be for my dad. He’s always going, ’Whatever.’ Like who cares, we’re going to do this. I’m still at the point where I want to make the right decisions and do it the right way.”

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