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David Yeazell is a dedicated photojournalist who has all the professional tools (Nikons) to match his abilities. Yeazell brings you up close for a diverse view of NASCAR racing. Yeazell resides in Florence, South Carolina and travels to various NASCAR races throughout the year.

Proof of his dedication is his recent commute to Charlotte for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star race--a two hour drive from home each way for three days. Given that photojournalists put in at least eight hours each day (more like 12 hours average) that doesn't leave much time for sleep.

Yeazell brings you a hearty selection of visual experience...through DAVE'S EYES for Racetake.com.

Brian France--the voice of NASCAR

NASCAR CEO and Chairman, Brian France, addressed the media at Charlotte Motor Speedway before the All-Star race for a mid-season evaluation. Many wanted a strict definition of have-at-it policy, but France emphasized the need for a case-by-case determination.

France also addressed the state of NASCAR’s business in a tepid economy with high gasoline prices. NASCAR has restructured to improve operations within world realities.

France on NASCAR’s recent efforts:

“We mentioned to you some time ago that we had engaged in some reviews of things within the industry that we think we can improve on,” France said. “They range from the experience at the track, the things we can do at the league level, and things the team owners can do differently and better to serve our fans.

“Those reviews are in. They're good, they're constructive. So we'd like to think that we're our own good self critic in some areas that we think we can improve on.”

France on have-at-it policy:

“We can over-officiate and over-regulate in some circumstances, over a 60-year period of time,” France said. “And I think our point was a couple years ago we thought we might be in a pattern of that, and we wanted to put it more in the drivers' hands. We never said there were no limits to that.

“You just can't go around with a missile and a weapon out there. But if you're having contact, that's part of NASCAR. So it's tough for us, but that's what we do. And it's tough for any sport to have certain areas of the game or in auto racing that are subjective as to what is too much, but we'll figure that out.

Kimi Raikkonen-- a champion arrives

After nine seasons in Formula One driver Kimi Raikkonen won the 2007 Formula One World Drivers’ Championship. The world class open-wheel driver Kimi Raikkonen from Finland has not raced Formula One in recent years, but he has raced in the World Rally Championship and now NASCAR.

KIMI RAIKKONEN driver of the No. 15 Perky Jerky Toyota Tundra for Kyle Busch Motorsports raced to a 15th place finish in his first Camping World Truck Series race, the N.C. Education Lottery 200, at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He will race in Nationwide series also at Charlotte.

"Since I stopped in Formula 1, my interests have always been in many different motorsports,” Raikkonen said. “I want to try different things and this wasn’t the first time that I have been offered to come here. I had a good time to come and see how it is and learn and try to get better in it. That’s really the only reason that I came. I was interested to see how it is and how it feels and how it is racing in NASCAR.”


Kyle Busch on his driver Kimi Raikkonen:

“Unfortunately, we did not have the handling the way he (Kimi Raikkonen) needed it to be today,” Busch said. “He did a nice job from what I understand -- I haven’t heard, but we might have to put a right side on it. That’s alright -- you’ll have that. Next week for the Nationwide Series race with the correct tire, it should be a better feeling car. He should feel a little more grip and should be able to drive it a little bit harder.”


Raikkonen on his first NASCAR attempt and perfomance:

“The racing was fun,” Raikkonen said. “Too many cautions. Every time that I would feel like the car would start to run better then you would have a caution and then it would take the track a long time before the handling comes back.

“You would rather be more high up, but how it felt this morning, now I was pretty pleased with how it felt in the race. For sure, there is still a lot to learn and improve, but I think when we have another race it will be better.”

Raikkonen on testing a stock car in NASCAR:

“No I have not -- I have only tested the Truck two times before today.”

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